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Digital Purchases - Distributors

Thinking Plainly Limited uses third party distributors to sell our ebooks and paperbacks. They all offer their own in-built payment and delivery systems. You can find links to them here:







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Digital Purchases - Direct payment

Thinking Plainly Limited uses third party digital download and digital payment platforms to sell our ebooks (and PDF versions of same ebooks) direct from our websites:

Send Owl:



Make yourself aware of their legal pages, privacy policies, fees and processing information before using these services. Thinking Plainly Limited is not responsible for any of these websites and disclaims all responsibility and liability for your experience and use of these websites.

Thinking Plainly Limited does not process any payment and does not have access to any financial information of customers. Each site has their own cancellation, refund and dispute policies and you should make yourself aware of these before purchasing. BitPay and PayPal offer a wide range of financial services and payment options utilising Bitcoin and fiat currencies and you must ensure you are happy with their terms and conditions before use.

SendOwl delivers electronic files to you (our ebooks), by use of email or direct download, in three formats:

.mobi: suitable for Amazon’s Kindle

epub: suitable for most other major ereaders

PDF: suitable for use by all by using the free software (you may need to change your region)

The files you purchase then need to be uploaded to your ereader by you the customer. When you become a customer you automatically subscribe to our newsletter and we will notify you of any updates to our services in the newsletter. You can opt out at any time. Thinking Plainly Limited reserves the right to alter prices at any time.


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